UiiSii HM9 Wired 120° Noise Cancelling Bass In-Ear Earphones

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More about UiiSii HM9 Wired 120° design Noise Cancelling Bass In-Ear Earphones:
Fashion Earphone with flat ear design, it is not discomforting even if a long time to wear, good sound insulation effect as well. Three frequency keep balance, clear high pitch, wide voice, thick and powerful bass. Wire-controlled tuning design, listen to music while making a call. To pursuit the superior quality, using the metal shell which is fashionable and durable, it’s a combination of art parts, the sounds of analysis are wonderful with strong bass. real music.

In order to make HM9 sport headphones wired excellent appearance and sound quality, UiiSii team applying high quality apace aluminum CNC exquisite machining to shape in hardware, earphones precision value ±0.3%, the thinnest paries thickness less than 0.9mm


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